Once upon a time, there was a group of students from the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN), one of the best Universities in Mexico, longing to become volcanologists….

Hola!!  That’s us!

We are now studying a master degree in geology under the supervision of Dr. Julie Roberge.  Like her, we are passionate about volcanoes, and with her we have the opportunity to become real volcanologists.

Every 4 years, all the volcanologists in the world gather together at the IAVCEI Scientific Assembly, to present the results of their research.  This meeting take place on a different continent every time.  This year it is in Portland Oregon (August 14 to 18), not too far from Mexico….and we really want to go present our work!

All of us have very exciting project and new data from two erupting, explosive, gorgeous, AWESOME volcanoes in Mexico: Popocatepetl and Colima.  In fact, as far as we are concern they are the best volcanoes in the world!

While we are there, we would like to extend our trip to visit other volcanoes like St Helens, Rainier, Crater Lake etc. As geologists/volcanologists we never have enough field experiences and this is a great chance to expand ours.

Unfortunately, financing in Mexico is scarce, and out of the five applications only one of us got funding, which will cover a few days lodging at the conference.  Still, we are so proud because these grants are very competitive and hard to get, wining one is a great achievement.  With that said we still need money for the conference registration, all the plane tickets, lodging and food for the week of the conference and the field trip.



Getting ready for the apocalypse!

Vulcanología IPN

Getting ready for the apocalypse!


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